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I took my two teenage children to Dr. Katie for treatment of their eczema. Dr. Katie took the time to talk to them and get to know them—their interests, their habits, their worries, their activities. She did a great job of building rapport with them and they both commented that she was easy to talk to and seemed to really listen to them.  She designed a treatment plan that was manageable for them and within a short amount of time both saw a difference in their skin. What I like about Dr. Katie is that she treated the eczema from the inside out—we modified their diet and added some homeopathy. This natural approach was a welcome change from pharmaceuticals. We’re grateful for Dr. Katie’s knowledge and care. -S, mother of children ages 15 and 17
When I first went to Dr. Katie I as struggling with low energy. Almost every day I would take a nap and often felt overwhelmed by life. With her help we discovered that my adrenal glands were not functioning. Dr. Katie prescribed a manageable course of treatment and within a couple of months I had energy again. No more naps! I wake refreshed and have energy to get through my day. I am so grateful for her help and support. It’s obvious she cares deeply for her patients and works diligently to come up with the right treatment plan for each patient. I highly recommend her! -S, age 53
"I can highly recommend Dr. Katie Nuckolls. She did what my regular doctors weren't able to do: she cured my rheumatism and my arthritis. Before I came to her I had severe pain in my shoulders, arms, legs, wrists, and finger joints. I couldn't raise my arms over my shoulders and I couldn't make a fist. My regular doctors would have treated me with high doses of cortisone each year until the end of my days--with all the known side-effects. Dr. Nuckolls treated me with natural remedies and with a special diet and she cured me in a relatively short time. I have no more pain and no more handicaps. What more can you expect from a good doctor?" –G, age 67
"I had seen Dr. Katie after I experienced the worst cold sore of my life. She recommended several supplements and a homeopathic remedy. The worst cold sore of my life disappeared entirely in 3 days when usually they last seven days, After her treatment and such great results, I am sold entirely on remedies for acute ailments. I now have a homeopathy remedy kit and LOVE it! Dr. Katie gave me a very thorough print out of what the different remedies could help with and I have used the remedies for such issues as food poisoning, migraines, bruises, bug bites, cold sores, allergies, the common cold. I am so appreciative of her level of help and thoroughness to make me the healthiest version of me possible." -S, age 25
"I am a teenager of 17. I was referred to her by a friend, and came to her with concerns about fatigue, stomach and back pain, weight gain, and a general sense of disinterestedness in activities I had loved before. She did a thorough exam, spoke with me at length, ordered bloodwork, assessed my symptoms, and started basic treatment after the first visit. Subsequently, she has examined my bloodwork in detail to discover the root of my symptoms, and has followed up with me through phone calls and office visits to specify my treatment for my needs. She has also educated me on eating right for my blood type--which has helped my body digest and utilize food more efficiently. After 4-5 weeks, bloodwork, treatment, and phone calls, my stomach pain is gone, my weight is decreasing, and my energy is normal again. I feel my mood is more consistent and my body is more stable and comfortable." -I, age 17
"Dr. Katie has been amazing with her attention to details every time I go in. She has helped me so much in getting rid of the toxicities throughout my body and getting it back to health. Sometimes the questions seem a little strange, yet I love her thoroughness in look at everything in such detail so that she is better able to take me to the next level. Thank you so much for your care and concern." - V, age 58
"I chose to see Dr. Katie because I was always tired and sick of being prescribed pills to mask the symptoms. I wanted to feel better. My anxiety and moodiness were the first things to go. I hadn't been free of anxiety in years! I was having trouble getting a good night's sleep and suffering from headaches, those both have seen a dramatic improvement since working with Dr. Katie. While I'm still struggling with tiredness, I'm continuing to see improvement in so many things, and I trust that Dr. Katie will continue to help me." - T, age 42
"I have an autoimmune disease, and was having serious allergies as a result. I developed environmental allergies, eczema, and skin rashes. I tried everything to clear it up, from conventional treatments to natural remedies. Dr. Katie spent quite a bit of time with me, figuring out what the best treatment options were. She ended up giving me a homeopathic remedy and it worked! Even during a very high pollen spring, my allergies are minimal. Dr. Katie has a passion for what she does and really cares about her patients. If you are looking for a knowledgeable naturopath who will listen to your needs and address them, then she is the doctor for you. I highly recommend her."  - B, age 48
"I started seeing Dr. Katie with a multitude of issues--vertigo, various aches/pains, bowel issues, arthritis, obesity, high blood pressure. Dr. Katie has helped review my different options and based on bloodwork it was determined that a different diet was needed. She also recommended certain vitamins and a homeopathic remedy. While I have lost some weight, problems with my knee prevent a more strenuous exercise routine. The other issues have been corrected to a great extent with the homeopathic remedy. I appreciate working with Dr. Katie to help me fix myself, and I recommend Dr. Katie for a more natural and healthy way of life!" - L, age 64
"I came to see Dr. Katie for help with widespread and intense muscle and joint pain, stiffness, digestive issues, and severe fatigue. I had been suffering from these issues for quite sometime, but it had been getting increasingly worse over the last two years. A year before seeing Dr. Katie, I decided to see a specialist. Her help amounted to this advice: "At some point you need to stop chasing this". Thankfully, I very recently found Dr. Katie. I now have my life back. Dr. Katie listened to every detail and started me on some natural supplements and remedies that helped my body to begin healing itself. Within 3 weeks, I was feeling much better. I have increased energy and very minimal fatigue. I can honestly say my pain and stiffness is at least 50% better already. We are still working toward my total well-being, but I am so happy to be getting back to my old self. This will be the first year in many that I will have my family over for the holidays. It’s the first year in many that I have felt good enough to do so. Thank you, Dr. Katie." - B, age 56
"I've been working with Dr. Katie for the past couple of months to heal my asthma and allergies. I tried pharmaceuticals including the inhaler and prednisone but not much happened of any consequence. Between the homeopathic remedies and the supplements that Dr. Katie prescribed, I’m now not only walking but running and haven't been winded at all! I noticed last week I could go up the stairs without getting winded, and I keep noticing how much stronger I am and how much and easier it is for me to breathe now. It took a while, but this had been with me throughout the summer with some days worse than others. I sounded like a heavy smoker! I can't say enough about the difference after working with Dr. Katie. I'm even hopeful that I won't need to give Maisie (my dog) a new home now! PLUS I now know the foods that are most beneficial to my body including my genetics and blood type, and my weight is WAY down." - S, age 61
"I feel like I just took a short cut to get to core resolutions for physical challenges that plagued me for years. Dr. Nuckolls just cut my own research time and my frustration over my ever-so-slow weight loss. Now I know exactly what foods work best for me and what foods block my progress. I'm still putting it all together but I'm so excited to have her help. I even have a listing of foods to carry with me when shopping (didn't have to create it myself). I sure appreciate you, Dr. Katie!" - M, age 67
"After a bad relationship break-up and the hurt of losing a parent, I struggled with feelings of sadness and depression for many months. I am usually a very happy and resilient person, but for once in my life I struggled to maintain a positive outlook on life. Waking up in the morning hurt, and then I had to put my feet on the floor. I decided I was done being a hollow shell of myself and visited Dr. Katie to see if there were any natural treatments for my depression. She listened to all of my symptoms and prescribed a homeopathic remedy for me. She also worked with me using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help me process and deal with some of the emotions I had tried (and failed) to suppress. I felt an immediate difference after working with her, and now I feel much more like myself again. Thank you, Dr. Katie!" - S, age 25
"I began to see Dr. Katie last year for chronic sinus infections, IBS, chronic jaw and hip pain, and anxiety. I have suffered from most of these conditions since college. I have been to multiple specialists over the years for these issues, and I also visited a different naturopath before seeing Dr. Katie. While the specialists were able to help me fight the sinus infections with antibiotics, I found that no one was able to make me less susceptible to getting these types of infections. With all the care I had tried, saw only limited and short-lasting improvement in my other symptoms. Dr. Katie talked with me extensively about my symptoms, and she began treating me with a homeopathic remedy, a few supplements, and some dietary changes. Since then, my digestion has improved significantly and I am now able to eat many foods that I had avoided for many years without issues! I also noticed quite an improvement in my mood and my ability to adapt to the stressors in my life. My sinus infections have become less severe and less frequent over time, and hip and jaw pain are substantially less. Unlike the other doctors who focused on treating my individual symptoms, Dr. Katie is working with me to improve my health as a whole person. The difference for me has been quite remarkable!" -S., 34
"My 2 year old daughter to see was having terrible tantrums, constipation, and environmental allergies. She was also developmentally behind in her ability to speak, which was very concerning to me as a parent. I wasn’t sure if anything could be done about these issues, but I wanted to try a natural approach so I brought her to Horizon Natural Medicine. Dr. Katie prescribed a homeopathic remedy for her and within a few weeks of taking it, my daughter had changed significantly! Her tantrums went from an almost-daily occurrence to once every few weeks, and they are much less severe now when they do happen. No more uncontrollable screaming and throwing things across the room! Her constipation and allergies have also improved. But the biggest and most unexpected change has been in her speech. Almost immediately after starting the remedy, she began to talk! She is no longer having any difficulty with speaking, and is developmentally right where she should be for her age. I am so happy I took her to see Dr. Katie." - S., 34