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The GenoType Diet: Eating right for YOUR body, YOUR genes, YOUR life.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you count calories, eat healthy, exercise, and take a multitude of expensive supplements, only to see the same number on the scale day after day? The problem may be that the “healthy” foods you are eating every day are not healthy for YOU.


I bet this sounds familiar: your friend tries a popular fad diet. She tells you that she feels better than she has ever felt before, and the weight loss is obvious. So with this overwhelming evidence right in front of you, you decide to try the diet too. But instead of feeling great, you feel sluggish, cranky, and depressed, and the weight loss is slow if not non-existent. What happened?


The answer is something called biochemical individuality.  This means that, due to your individual genetic makeup, your body is different from every other body on the planet. You have different digestive capabilities, a different detoxification capacity, and different food intolerances than your friends and likely even your family. Additionally, some foods are easy for your body to break down and use as fuel, while others are incompletely digested and lead to inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, and weight gain.


Individualized medicine is the wave of the future, and individualized nutrition is at the very foundation of this movement. But most nutritional programs out there are still using the old “one size fits all” diet model. But at Horizon Natural Medicine, individualized medicine is all we do. No diet or treatment plan is exactly the same, and this leads to superior results when it comes to weight loss, physical fitness, and overall health.


To determine your optimal diet, we collect health information such as blood type and ancestry and perform simple body measurements that provide insight into your health risks and genetic makeup. This information, along with any current medical conditions, medications, and recent lab values, is entered into a high-tech medical software program that performs 12,600,000 individual calculations on the nutrient values of 800 foods to determine those foods that will yield the healthiest results for you. At the end of your visit you’ll be given a personalized, 50-page diet plan that includes easy-to-follow nutritional guidelines, menu plans, shopping lists, and an online cookbook containing recipes that synergize with your personal diet.


Unlike other popular diets, the Genotype diet is a way of life. That means no calorie-counting, no expensive shakes or supplements to buy, and no feeling deprived because the Genotype program emphasizes what you CAN eat, not what you can’t. And what you CAN eat is real, healthy food that optimizes the way your genes work. It’s that simple.


The Genotype Diet was created by Dr. James L. D’Adamo, a renowned naturopathic physician with over 50 years of scientific research in the field of individualized medicine. During this time, he defined the relationship between a person’s blood type and their unique nutritional needs and general lifestyle requirements. Dr. D’Adamo believes that with the right tools, you can alter your genetic destiny by turning on the good genes and silencing the bad ones. Your health risks, weight, and life span can all be improved by following the GenoType Diet that is right for you.



What conditions can the GenoType Diet treat?


Many people use the Genotype Diet simply to improve energy, lose excess weight, and improve physical fitness levels. But the GenoType Diet can be also be used to treat many medical conditions, because food is the most important factor in health. The GenoType diet can also be used to treat:


  • Digestive concerns by identifying which foods are best for your physiology
  • Hormonal imbalance by regulating hormones that affect your body in a huge variety of ways
  • Pain and inflammatory conditions by creating an anti-inflammatory diet customized to you
  • Autoimmune disease by balancing your immune system
  • Asthma and allergies by reducing environmental sensitivities and mucous formation
  • Anxietydepression, and other mental health issues by changing the way your brain functions and emphasizing key nutrients that regulate mood



The Genotype Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive medical intake by a board-certified naturopathic medical doctor.
  • Food intolerance testing for over 300 foods.
  • Full description of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your digestive system, immune system, and detoxification pathways.
  • Access to online meal planning software that contains hundreds of recipes that are harmonious to the results of your diet report.
  • Personalized fitness and workout guidelines.
  • Option to receive initial and follow-up bloodwork to better assess your health status and monitor progress*.
  • Option to include physician-recommended herbs, supplements, and treatment protocols for your specific medical conditions**.
  • Ability to follow-up with the physician, evaluate progress, and make changes to your treatment plan over time**


*Bloodwork ordered through Sonora Quest and is often covered by the patient’s insurance plan

**These services are available for an additional fee



This sounds too good to be true. Is there anything the Genotype Diet can’t fix?

Food is truly healing. What you eat is one of the most important influencers of your health. But it is important to remember that diet is not the only factor in creating and maintaining optimal health. When I treat patients in my practice, I spend a considerable amount of time collecting information about their disease, their symptoms, and their lives. It is always my goal to find and treat the cause of disease, and in doing this, nutrition is almost never the only intervention that I work with. Most people need a combination of treatments that include diet, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes in order to see maximal changes in their health. If you would like more information on how naturopathic medicine and/or the Genotype Diet can help you, please call Horizon Natural Medicine at 602-359-2893 to schedule your free 15-minute consultation.


Dr. Katie Nuckolls is a licensed naturopathic physician who practices general family medicine, with a particular interest in autoimmune disease, digestive disturbances, allergies, mental illness, and developmental disorders like ADHD and autism. While treatments are tailored to her patient’s needs, she primarily uses homeopathy, botanical medicine, individualized nutrition, and mind-body techniques as her treatment modalities.

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