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The Individualized Nutrition Program at Horizon Natural Medicine

Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you count calories, eat healthy, and exercise, only to see the same number on the scale day after day? Or maybe you are suffering from fatigue, constipation, or skin problems, and can’t seem to figure out why. The problem may be that the “healthy” foods you are eating may not be healthy for YOU.


I bet this sounds familiar: your friend tries a popular fad diet. She tells you that she feels better than he has ever felt before, and the weight loss is obvious. So then, with this overwhelming evidence right in front of you, you decide to try the diet too. But instead of feeling great, you feel sluggish, cranky, and depressed, and the weight loss is slow if not non-existent. What happened?


The answer is something called “Biochemical Individuality”. Basically, this means that different people have different bodies. We have different nutrient requirements, and we break down those nutrients at different rates. We have different amounts of stomach acid, different detoxification capabilities, and different food intolerances. When you stop to think about the great diversity of the human race, it actually makes perfect sense.


Because individualizing treatment plans takes significantly more time and effort for medical professionals, most physicians are still using the old “one size fits all” diet/health model. But at Horizon Natural Medicine, we believe individualized medicine is the fastest and most effective way to help our patients achieve maximal health. No diet or treatment plan is the same, and using this model is what makes our outcomes so successful.


The Individualized Nutrition Program at Horizon Natural Medicine utilizes your family history and blood type and combines that information with simple-to-obtain genetic markers like your fingerprints, bone lengths, and jaw angle. We also factor in current medical conditions, medications, and labwork values like your cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and liver function. This information is then combined and analyzed by a high-tech medical software program that provides you with a highly personalized diet and lifestyle guide. The guide includes a full description of your body’s immune system and digestive capabilities, lists of “super foods”, “ neutral foods”, and “avoid foods”, and access to an online meal planning software program that allows to you find recipes that are harmonious with the results of your diet report.



Nutritional Packages and Pricing: 


Blood Typing and Nutritional Analysis:

$29 for new patients, $25 for existing patients


This is a 30 minute appointment where we test your blood in the office and provide you with information on the most common and troublesome food intolerances for people with your blood type. You will also learn what your blood type suggests about your disease predispositions, your ability to deal with stress, and your optimal exercise routine.


Gold Star Individualized Nutrition Package:

$325 for new patients, $250 for existing patients


-Comprehensive medical intake by a board-certified naturopathic medical doctor.

-Extensive food intolerance testing for over 300 foods. Every food is listed as either a ‘superfood’, ‘neutral food’, or ‘avoid food’ for your body. Superfoods are foods that are easily broken down by the digestive system, fuel your metabolism, promote weight loss and muscle-building, and fail to cause an inflammatory response in the body.Neutral foods are considered to be generally healthy foods that don’t necessarily contribute to any beneficial metabolic effects. Avoid foods are foods that are difficult for your system to break down, contribute to bowel toxicity and weight gain, and create an inflammatory response in the body.

-Full description of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your digestive system, immune system, and detoxification pathways.
-Access to an online meal planning software program that also contains hundreds of recipes that are harmonious to the results of your diet report.
-Wallet card/shopping list of all beneficial and avoid foods.
-Personal fitness guidelines that include best types of exercise for your body as well as what frequency and intensity to work out at.
-Option to receive initial and follow-up bloodwork to better assess your health status and monitor progress*.
-Option to include physician-recommended herbs, supplements, and treatment protocols for your specific medical conditions**.
-Ability to follow-up with the physician, evaluate progress, and make changes to your treatment plan over time**.



*Bloodwork is ordered through Sonora Quest Laboratories and is usually covered by insurance unless patients are uninsured or insured through Medicare.
**Supplements, follow-up visits, and secretor status testing not included in initial pricing.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 602-359-2893.

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