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2015 Personalized Nutrition Program Kickoff: January 4th-6th

January 4th, 5th, and 6th


To celebrate the New Year, Horizon Natural Medicine is offering special deals on our Personalized Nutrition Program. We are offering two separate programs at a discounted rate for 3 days only:


1. Gold Star Individualized Nutrition Package: $299.00


-Comprehensive medical intake by a board-certified naturopathic medical doctor.
-Extensive food intolerance testing for over 300 foods. Every food is listed as either a ‘superfood’, ‘neutral food’, or ‘avoid food’ for your body. Superfoods are foods that are easily broken down by the digestive system, fuel your metabolism, promote weight loss and muscle-buidling, and fail to cause an inflammatory response in the body. Neutral foods are considered to be generally healthy foods that don’t necessarily contribute to any beneficial metabolic effects. Avoid foods are foods that are difficult for your system to break down, contribute to bowel toxicity and weight gain, and create an inflammatory response in the body.
-Full description of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your digestive system, immune system, and detoxification pathways.
-Access to an online meal planning software program that also contains hundreds of recipes that are harmonious to the results of your diet report.
-Wallet card/shopping list of all beneficial and avoid foods.
-Personal fitness guidelines that include best types of exercise for your body as well as what frequency and intensity to work out at.
-Option to receive initial and follow-up bloodwork to better assess your health status and monitor progress*.
-Option to include physician-recommended herbs, supplements, and treatment protocols for your specific medical conditions**.
-Ability to follow-up with the physician, evaluate progress, and make changes to your treatment plan over time**.


*Bloodwork is ordered through Sonora Quest Laboratories and is usually covered by insurance unless patients are uninsured or insured through Medicare.
**Supplements, follow-up visits, and secretor status testing not included in initial pricing.



2. Blood Typing and Nutritional Analysis: $25.00


-A 30 minute appointment where we test your blood in the office and provide you with information on the most common and troublesome food intolerances for people with your blood type. You will also learn what your blood type suggests about your disease predispositions, your ability to deal with stress, and your optimal exercise routine.

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